Our Company

Granite Falls Furnace is an ISO 9001 certified by Advantage International Registrar, family-owned and operated manufacturer of carbon steel wire based in Granite Falls, NC. We value our customers and know what it takes to deliver not only quality products—but genuine customer service throughout the entire process. Our customers always come first and we pride ourselves on providing flexible and cost-effective wire product solutions.

Granite Falls Furnace was founded in 2003 by David L. Duncan. Sr, as an avenue to offer his customers a wider range of products within the recycling and construction industries through his independent sales group.

A New Direction

In the Fall of 2011, Granite Falls Furnace charted a New Course of action, not only owning furnaces for processing, but purchasing the wire drawing equipment used to fill the furnaces and orders for the sales group. Granite Falls Furnace contacted suppliers and transitioned customers to begin building the trust and confidence from the ground up in a company based on "Doing exactly what we say we are going to do!"  - David L. Duncan, Sr.

In August of 2012, Granite Falls Furnace was awarded ISO 9001 Certification showing continued control over the processes and establishing an image of professionalism within the wire industry.

Gaining Ground One Pound at a Time

Continually evaluating how Granite Falls Furnace can surpass our customers expectations and provide a cost effective product is how we are continuing our growth. Through strategic relationships with our customers and industry we are striving to be YOUR final destination for ALL your wire needs!

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    Our experience makes sure no detail is missed.

  • Die Shop

    Our oxygen-free atmosphere ensures a scale-free annealed product.